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Exposures Web Design

Exposures is a website design company that specialises in building successful websites for the racing community.

Exposures were chosen as the official website developers for

  • The New Zealand Racing Conference (,
  • Harness Racing New Zealand (,
  • The Auckland Totalisator Consortium (,
  • The Counties Racing Club (
  • Tuapeka Lodge (

along with several others.

The people who make up the Exposures team are all widely respected and long serving members of the horse racing industry who are interested in the long term future of NZ horse racing, not making a "quick buck" from the Internet.


We can design your site from go to whoa, all you do is supply us with the information you wish to include such as text, graphics, logos, etc. You can have as much input as you like or you can leave it up to us.


We are able to offer a full range of hosting options, from having your new website published on our own domain through to registration of your own domain name.


We offer a full range of promotion services to ensure your new website is found near the top of the major internet search engines.

Site Management

Exposures are second to none in the area of website management. We will keep you up to date with developments on the internet that can be advantageous to your new websites design.

We will take care of all of your requests to update your website information or we can provide you with the tools and know-how to undertake your own website updates.


We are proud of our long service to the racing community and are pleased to extend this offer to you. We offer telephone support for any internet problems you may be having and are always pleased to help.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss a quote that can be tailored to suit your specifications.

It’s This Easy

After your initial contact with us we then jointly determine your requirements and the costs involved. We will discuss with you the purpose of your website, collect the required information about yourself or your company, a list of your clients etc and any other information that you want to include.

At this stage we will be able to give you a precise quote on your new website.

We then move ahead with designing and building your new website. We will remain in contact with you during this stage to keep you informed of the process or to gain any further information that may be required.

The site will then be ready for you to preview it on the Internet and suggest any changes that you feel may be required.

After you have previewed your new website and the final touches have been added we will then launch your new website and register it with the major search engines. We will continue to monitor the search results and make adjustments to enhance search engine results. You will be sent these results along with an access log of your sites "hits". All inquiries from your site will be sent directly to you.

Lets Talk

Phone Dave Stewart (09) 267 0352 or email for a no obligation consultation.

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