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Hover Buttons

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A step by step guide to using Frontpage 98 and hover buttons

First Steps

2/. Get your files ready.

The next step is that you get your
button graphics and sounds ready.

For the graphics you will need two different images,
one for the normal view and another as the "hover" image.
These can be .gifs or .jpgs. but they must both be the same size.
They can be saved into any directory in your frontpage web.

Frontpage Image Composer will make these graphics and
save them in the required format as will several
shareware programs, the best of which is Paint Shop Pro.

u-home.gif (2000 bytes)
"Normal" Image
d-home.gif (1514 bytes)
"Hover" Image

Now you need to get your sound files inorder.
There are a couple of "must happens" with these files.
They must be in .au mu-law 8 bit format and they must be
saved into you _fpclass web directory.
(See Step 1/. Get your software ready).

You can use the files from this site to practise with
and if you want to make your own sound files
for using on websites then Cool Edit is
simply the best way to do it.

Click for the Cool Edit Tutorial

You should now have all you need
to make your hover buttons.

Before continuing ensure that you have imported your images
into your Frontpage 98 web and that the sounds
are 8 bit mu-law mono au files and saved
into your _fpclass directory.

Step 3 - Get your HTML ready

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This website was made with Frontpage 98 , Homesite 2.5, Cool Edit and Paint Shop Pro.