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Alarm Loud Digital Alert 28kb Click Loud, Clear Click 2kb
Doh!!! Classic Homer 6kb Doh!!! (Reprise) Homer Goes Off 174kb
Golly Gomer Pyle 10kb Gunshot This Might be a Gunshot
Maximize Digital Whoosh 19kb Minimize Digital Whoosh 7kb
NA NA NA Critical Error 17kb New Mail 33kb Incoming Mail
Oh-Killy Doe-Killy Do Ned Flanders 15kb That's All Folks! Porky Pig 16kb
Power Plant Damaged Clear, Audible, Scary 63kb Govt. Is The Problem Ronald Raegan 39kb
Smokin' Jerry Lewis (90's version) 33kb Tarzan's Yell Johnny Wiesmuller 36kb
Let's Go To Work Reservoir Dogs 24kb Do Not Adjust Your TV Set "We Are In Control Now" 74kb
What A' Ya' Doin' Our Welcome wav 8kb Whip Go Ahead, Punish Yourself 8kb
WTF? Or, what in hell? 7kb EXTERMINATE Argghh, It's The Daleks 32kb
Yippee-Ki-Yay mf Bruce Willis 17kb You Dumbass Beavis (or Butthead) 8kb
Whistle Very Clear And Shrill 3kb Zap The Machine Is On 16kb
Zipper Now That You're Dressed... 7kb White Women? Cleavdon Little At Rock Ridge 11kb

bar.gif (1888 bytes)

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