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Hover Buttons

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A step by step guide to using Frontpage 98 and hover buttons

First Steps

1/. Get your software ready.

Firstly you have to configure Frontpage 98
so that you can see the _fpclass directory
in the folders view.

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Then you have to set Frontpage 98 to
show all folders in hidden directories.
( Putting an underscore "_" before a directory name e.g._fpclass,
makes it a hidden directory).

To do this click on Tools | Web Settings...

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And under Advanced...

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...make sure that
"Show documents in hidden directories"
is selected.

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You should now see the _fpclass directory
in Frontpage Explorer folder view.

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Step 2 - Get your files ready

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This website was made with Frontpage 98 , Homesite 2.5, Cool Edit and Paint Shop Pro.